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* State-of-the-art research facilities

* Experienced researchers

* Property industries know-how and latest update

* Fast, accurate, and affordable


Our Services

* New Development Research

* Secondary Market Property Research

* Residential Property Location Research

* Commercial Property Location & Feasibility Research

* New property pre-purchase research


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8 thoughts on “Customized Research

    1. analyst Post author

      Dear Angela,

      Thank You for your enquiry about our product,
      this Map include all the 31 Stations of MRT Blue Line (Sg Buloh – Kajang),
      plus property within 500m of the stations, all new development in Klang valley and Free update for 6 months.

      The station’s location should be permanent and no update is require,
      but we provide this extra benefits in case there is change in stations alignment and to help you keep track with new property development in Klang Valley especially near the future MRT Stations.

      The map is permanently with you and if you wish to continue the update after 2012, you may purchase our 2013 Map in the future.

      Hope this answer your question and welcome to email us at: if yoy need more information.

      Thanks & Regards

      KVMRT Research

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