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 Project Management Collection 2

 Business - 10 Minute Guide to Project Management.pdf
545 KB
 Carr V.,Tah J.M.H. - A Fuzzy Approach To Construction Project Risk Assessment And Analysis - Construction Project Risk Management System.pdf
2 MB
 Cost Models for Future Software Life Cycle Processes; COCOMO 2.0 - Barry Boehm et al.pdf
152 KB

 Project Manager Cost - Benefit Analysis Template [Notes].pdf
10 KB
 Project Management Plan Template.doc
909 KB
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 42套精美的商务PPT模板集合 s

383 KB


 066.PowerPoint Template.pptx
847 KB
 word PPT模板

 Business Cards

 Business Management


 Project Cost Summary.jpg
23 KB
 Company Finance

 Break-Even Analysis.xlt
23 KB
found 2 years ago


 Caching in the .NET Stack Inside-Out

 01. Introduction to Caching in the .NET Stack

 03) Cost and Complexity in Caching.mp4
1 MB
 03. Solution Cache Local Stores

 04) .NET MemoryCache Analysis.mp4
7 MB
 T4 Templates

 2. Getting Started with T4

 04. Template basics.wmv
4 MB

 .NET Distributed Systems Architecture

 1. Introduction to Distributed Systems

 07. Business Logic and Connectivity.wmv
2 MB
 The Elements of Distributed Architecture

 4. Presentation and Processing

 07. Business Logic.wmv
2 MB
Software Tutorials
found 2 days ago
 Software Tutorials

 AutoCad AutoCAD 2013 Essentials

 1.Interface and Drawing Mangement

 02.Managing Drawings
7 MB


 Lynda Access 2010 Essential Training

 12 Advanced Tools in the Database

 1202 Using data analysis
1 MB
 Exercise Files

 Chapter 11

 Olive Cost.xlsx
10 KB
 Excel Excel 2010 Working with Dates and Times

 Exercise Files


132 KB
132 KB
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16 MB

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22 MB
 Firearms Manuals

617 KB
found 2 years ago

 PRINCE 2 - Foundation video trainiing


4 KB
 Templates and guides


22 KB

278 KB


23 KB


2 MB
Pluralsight Trainings
found 2 years ago
 Pluralsight Trainings


 Orchard Fundamentals

 05 The Shape of Orchard

 05 Basic Shape Template Overriding.wmv
5 MB

 02 C++ Fundamentals - Part 2


 13.Exceptions have a Cost.wmv
4 MB

 DevExpress CodeRush and Refactor

 06 Code Analysis and Automatic Cleanup


 UX-UI The Art of Business

 Software Practices

 Test First Development - Part II

 05 More Behavior Driven Developement

 02 Repositioning Business Logic.wmv
428 KB
found 1 year ago

 07 Using Excel as a decision tool

 005 What If Analysis Let Excel create a decision table for you.mp4
14 MB
 08 writing smart Functions in Excel

 005 Difference BW Summary and a Self Learning Template.mp4
12 MB
 006 Convert a Count summary to a template.mp4
35 MB
 21 Linear regression Lines and dots

 002 How much should your house cost.mp4
36 MB
 46 Fun with Data- Test your skills

 005 How is the Business going- Good, bad, Ugly.pdf
131 KB
Lynda - Business - part5
found 1 year ago
 Lynda - Business - part5


 005 Cost approach-459213.mp4
17 MB

 006 Provisioning and copying the template folder-445569.mp4
11 MB


 007 Cost-volume-profit analysis (CVP)-432872.mp4
14 MB

 023 Updating actual cost for cost resources-387492.mp4
8 MB
Lynda - Business - part4
found 1 year ago
 Lynda - Business - part4


 032 Creating a template for future projects-139147.mp4
9 MB




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