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Hint: late victorian britain
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 1.4GB of themes, templates, skins


 Photoshop Web Templates
23 MB


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 Travel Expenses Report V1.0.xls
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 Free vector components for mobile phones.jpg
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Lynda - Business - part4
found 1 year ago
 Lynda - Business - part4


 034 Keep good records, don't hide income, and deduct only reasonable business expenses-368114.mp4
56 MB

 034 Creating an organization chart with photos-152262.mp4
6 MB

 020 Changing the default chart type and creating a template-144234.mp4
7 MB


 040 Prepping a photo for PowerPoint with Photoshop-183513.mp4
23 MB
Lynda - Business - part5
found 1 year ago
 Lynda - Business - part5


 002 Understanding the free and for-pay features-417039.mp4
19 MB

 025 Organizing your business travel-459938.mp4
6 MB

 057 Manipulating chart placement with dragging techniques-409092.mp4
10 MB

 014 Using the Insert Function button for guidance with unfamiliar functions-135740.mp4
7 MB

 015 Saving a chart as a template for easy access later-416599.mp4
7 MB
Lynda - Education
found 1 year ago
 Lynda - Education


 009 Creating guidelines for learning with social media in your class.mp4
8 MB

 033 Organizing your business with Mail.mp4
24 MB

 014 Present your PowerPoint with SlideShare.mp4
5 MB


 065 Free email with Windows Live Mail.mp4
12 MB

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