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V.Ships UK Ltd
found 2 years ago
 V.Ships UK Ltd

 VEMS Revision 03

 Final VMS Programme

 Company Operations

 Chapter 1

 Ch1 Section 1 Attached Documents

 Accounting Policy.pdf
431 KB
 Chapter 3

 COP Chapter 3 Attached Files

 Safety Bulletin.pdf
234 KB
 Work Instruction Template.pdf
214 KB
 Fleet Operations

 Fleet Section 5 Attached Files

 Part D Attached files

 IWRC Fire Wire Construction.pdf
214 KB
 Reference Documents

 Circular Letters


 RSQ-0272 - Free Fall Lifeboat Incident.pdf
119 KB
found 2 years ago


 Async and Parallel Programming - Application Design

 1. Understanding the Dangers of Concurrency

 3. Correctness guarantees - safety, liveness.wmv
1 MB
 15. Solution 3 - lock-free.wmv
3 MB
 T4 Templates

 2. Getting Started with T4

 04. Template basics.wmv
4 MB

 ASP.NET 3.5 Working With Data

 5. Caching

 05. Programmatic output caching and HttpCachePolicy.wmv
3 MB
 ASP.NET Ajax Advanced Topics

 1. ASP.NET Ajax Debugging

 03. FireFox Script Debugging.wmv
6 MB
found 1 month ago


 DEF CON 9 audio

 DEF CON 9 Hacking Conference Presentation By Len Sassaman - What is SSL a CA and FreeCert - Audio.m4b
3 MB

 DEF CON 18 audio

 DEF CON 18 Hacking Conference Presentation By - Kenneth Geers - Live Fire Exercise Baltic Cyber Shield 2010 - Audio.m4b
9 MB
 DEF CON 18 Hacking Conference Presentation By - Panel - Meet the Feds - Policy Privacy Deterrence and Cyber War - Audio.m4b
9 MB

 DEF CON 20 audio

 DEF CON 20 Hacking Conference Presentation By Robert Portvliet and Brad Antoniewicz - The Safety Dance - Wardriving the Public Safety Band - Audio.m4b
14 MB

 DEF CON 23 badge contest






2 KB
found 2 years ago


 911 NARA

 Dan Marcus Files

 Dan Marcus Box 5

 DM B5 New York City Fdr- Letters from Fire Officers Associations requesting to testify 132.pdf
93 KB
 Dana Hyde Files

 Dana Hyde Box 2

 DH B2 Brian Free White House Fdr- Entire Contents- Withdrawal Notice- Handwritten Interview Notes.pdf
24 KB
 New York City Files

 NYC Box 14

 NY B14 Skyscraper Safety Panel Fdr- Entire Contents- SkyscraperSafety-org Advisory Panel and NYC Law Dept home page 537.pdf
409 KB
 NYC Box 30

 NY B30 Two Video Tapes Fdr- Entire Contents- Withdrawal Notice- Special Media- WTC Tenant Fire Safety- PA-FDNY WTC Training.pdf
18 KB
 Team 2 Files

 Team 2 Box 6

 T2 B6 Document Request Template Fdr- Entire Contents- 5-2-03 Dunne Email w Lederman Comments 981.pdf
135 KB
 Coursera June 2016 Purged Classes

 Aboriginal Worldviews and Education


 Asset Pricing, Part 1


18 MB
 Building an Information Risk Management Toolkit


29 MB
 Confronting Gender Based Violence - Global Lessons with Case Studies from India


22 MB
 Probabilistic Graphical Models


Free fonts pack
found 4 months ago
 Free fonts pack

 Шрифты без кириллицы

 Fire on the Mountain

 Nermin's Template

 No Safety Zone

 Return Policy

found 2 years ago



 Fire Behavior of Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.pdf
1 MB
 Fire Safety at Sea.pdf
9 MB
 Free Energy Relationships in Organic and Bio-Organic Chemistry.pdf
15 MB
 Practical Guide to Industrial Safety Methods for Process Safety Professionals.pdf
25 MB

 Template Synthesis of Macrocyclic Compounds.pdf
29 MB
 Everything You Need to Know Ever


 Interesting Stuff

 Free Custom MousePad.jpg
983 KB


 Fire and Explosion Hazards Handbook of Industrial Chemicals.pdf
31 MB

 The Actually Useful Programming Library


 Smashing Magazine book template


 General and analysis

 Hillman A.L. Public Finance and Public Policy.pdf
3 MB
Lean & Six Sigma
found 6 months ago
 Lean & Six Sigma

 Lean & six sigma




 Industrial Policy of Bangladesh_php(1).mht
696 KB
107 KB

 A Kaizen Approach to Food Safety.pdf
13 MB
 Lean Manufacturing

1 MB
 MM Training Material

 MM Training Material

 WCM Pillar Tools

 08_Early Equipment Management

 EEM Standard Tools

 MP Info - Template_Eng.xlsm
42 KB
Total BIOChemistry
found 2 years ago
 Total BIOChemistry

 .Chemistry eBooks Collection

 Biological & Industrial



 Vitamins an minerals

 Oral ferrous sulfate supplements increase the free radical–generating capacity of feces from healthy vol.pdf
84 KB

 Template polymerization 1997 - Polowinski.pdf
1 MB

 Quintiere - Fundamentals of Fire Phenomena (Wiley, 2006).pdf
4 MB
 FRee eNERGY stuff

 Free Energy

 Free Energy Projects 1_How CIA has supressed free enery patents and scientifics.pdf
594 KB


 The Handbook of Nanotechnology. Business, Policy, and Intellectual Property Law, 2005, p.384.pdf
2 MB

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