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 911 NARA

 Dana Hyde Files

 Dana Hyde Box 2

 DH B2 Brian Free White House Fdr- Entire Contents- Withdrawal Notice- Handwritten Interview Notes.pdf
24 KB
 Team 1A Files

 Team 1A Box 48

 T1A B48 TDs on Recruitment of Muscle Fdr- Entire Contents- Withdrawal Notice- 12 pgs- Intel Telegram 470.pdf
24 KB
 Team 2 Files

 Team 2 Box 6

 T2 B6 Document Request Template Fdr- Entire Contents- 5-2-03 Dunne Email w Lederman Comments 981.pdf
135 KB
 Team 2 Box 8

 T2 B8 Conference Info- Entire Contents- CSI Flyer- for reference 091.pdf
59 KB
 Team 8 Files

 Team 8 Box 8

 T8 B8 Miles Kara-Dana Hyde Work File (4) DOD Fdr- 3-2-04 MFR- Maj Petras re Finkleman- Don't Volunteer Info 974.pdf
31 KB

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