Why Invest In Property Near MRT Station?

The 3 most important factors in buying property is:

1st: Location, 2nd: Location and 3rd: Location.

Location is the single most important factor that determine the value of the property.

While the previous theme is invest in KLCC area and Mont Kiara area which foreign investors help push up the price, the price of high-rise property in city centre area already reached RM1800+ per square feet.

With this type of pricing, we believe the future increase will be limited and this type of property already become investment products for investors with deep pockets.

New investment opportunities arise when the government of Malaysia announce the plan to build 3 MRT Lines and extend the 2 LRT line to cover most part of the Klang Valley.

Properties within 500m (walking distance) of MRT station will become one of the greatest place to invest in.


Why Invest In Property Near MRT Stations?

1) Rental Yield

Easy to source for tenant and bigger catchment coverage

No need to target people working near your property, the range is now include any person that work near any public transport station in Klang Valley.

2) Price Appreciation

Price of property appreciate due to increase in demand and rental income, when the full effects of MRT are being realized starting from year 2017, your property near MRT station will allow you to retire early.

3) Own Stay

Benefits from the convenience of dual-mode transportation, its up to you to drive or catch the train to work, you have more flexibility compare to other property owner.

4) Better Hedge Against Inflation

While normal property usually provide hedge against inflation, a good property provide far more income that the normal 4-8% appreciation per year.

5) Starting a New Business

A shop near MRT Station with high people flow? An independent themed hotel renovated from your SOHO? The convenience and effect of MRT creates many business opportunities for the person who know it.


MRT Blue Line (Sungai Buloh – Kajang) Station Alignment Map

Price: RM 99   Buy Now

(In Google Earth .kmz file)

<— Print Screen of the Map as Below —>

What is include in the report?

* New Property development near MRT Stations

* Existing Property near MRT Stations

* Marked things to avoid (Cemetery, Indah water plant etc)

* Free – New Property development in Klang Valley area

* Free – 6 months update (once / month)

* Free – Priority notification on MRT future lines



Series of Research Report by KVMRT Research

Free Trial – Klang Valley MRT Line
Free Trial – Transacted Report
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