Transacted Price – Klang Valley Property

How much is your house worth?

Is property developer charging you too high?

Is the unit that you plan to buy priced correctly?

Property values are a function of quality and quantity. Quality is the physical dimension of real estate, i.e. Size, while quality is a subjective scaled dimension.

Market value are calculated based on Market comparison method, cost method and income method.

In Market comparison method, unit of similar location, size and condition are make into consideration when determine the value of property.

In cost method, which normally property developer use to determine the selling price of property is determined based on cost of land and construction plus margin required.

In income method, the value of property is determined based on upon the typical investor’s yield requirements.

Why and How to use comparison method?

1) Accuracy – Market demand and supply

Compare to cost method which normally applicable to developer and income method which normally applicable to commercial property. Comparison method is more widely use and provide more accurate data based on supply and demand force of the market.

2) To estimate property value

To estimate property value, the following must take into considetation:

* Location

* Tenure, title, size, condition.

* Sold date

If there is no directly comparable unit in the market, a similar unit can be use with appropriate discount/premium added to the property based on unit conditions and date.


Klang Valley Property Transacted Price Report

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(In Google Earth .kmz file)

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What is include in the report?

* Property transacted price around Klang Valley (200+ Sample Property)

* Property Transacted price, date

* Unit conditions, size, title and tenure

* FREE update until Dec 2012 (Once / month)


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