Badkläder Okita Souji Hakuouki Bilder

Okita Souji Hakuouki

Okita Souji Hakuouki

Okita Souji Hakuouki

HAKUOKI Edo Blossoms – Souji Okita Walkthrough

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Okita Souji Hakuouki.

Okita Souji Hakuouki

Okita Souji, known as Souji Okita in the localization, is a main in Hakuōki, as well as one of Chizuru's potential love interests. He is the Captain of the First Division in the Shinsengumi.

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Soji Okita/Story. Souji as a 9 year old child with his sister Mitsu, who is leaving him in Kondou's care. Souji was born to a samurai family and Okita Souji Hakuouki older sister took aHkuouki of him after their parents' deaths when he was 7. His sister brought him to Shieikan when he was .