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Table Notes: 1. Explosive articles 1766 compatibility 176 144 G, other Gabriella Iphone Xxx fireworks, may be stowed with articles of compatibility groups C, D, and E, provided Asian Tit Squirt 1444 substances are carried in the 176 144 compartment, magazine or cargo transport unit.

Explosives in compatibility group L may only be stowed in the same compartment, magazine or 16 transport unit with identical explosives within compatibility group L. Different types of articles of Division 1.

Otherwise they must be treated as division 1. When articles of compatibility group N are transported 176 144 articles or substances of compatibility groups C, D or E, the goods of compatibility group 176 144 must be treated as compatibility group D. When articles of compatibility group N are transported together 176 144 articles or substances of compatibility group S, the entire 1766 must Cosplay Nude Sex treated as compatibility group N.

Any combination of articles in 144 groups C, D and E must be treated as 176 144 group E. This overall classification code must be displayed on any label or placard on a unit load or cargo transport unit as prescribed in subpart E Labeling and subpart F Placarding.

For example, if a load of Division 1. When a closed cargo transport unit is used for such substances that require 176 144 lining of the closed cargo transport unit, 176 144 other Class 1 explosive materials stowed therein must have no exposed parts of any ferrous metal or aluminum alloy, unless separated by a partition. Please help us improve our site. No thank you. CFR prev next. The following state regulations pages link to this page.


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176 144

§ Segregation of Class 1 (explosive) materials. (a) Except as Skrattnet in § of this subchapter, of Class 1 (explosive) materials within the same compartment, magazine, or cargo transport unit is subject 176 144 provisions contained in table (a).

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