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Darkest Dungeon Fawn

Darkest Dungeon Fawn

Darkest Dungeon Fawn

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Base damage has gone down a little, and refresh is limited to 3 uses per battle, see the link below for a full list. This video was created before version 1. Talking about and showing off her skills.

Darkest Dungeon Fawn

13/08/ · Rejected some time ago as a defect Warrens experiment, the Fawn somehow found her way in your estate. She's completely oblivious to what happens Creampiethai her, but at least she's not hostile. She's a pure glass canon, centered around shuffling and momentum building for increasingly powerful attacks, at the cost of an incredibly fragile and deteriorating constitution.

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The Fawn - Class Mod at Darkest Dungeon Nexus - Mods and community.