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A sequel named W'zwhich is set a decade after the events of Hand Shakerspremiered on January 5, The story revolves around Saksr Takatsuki, a high-school student with a knack for mechanics, who accepts a certain repair request and visits a university research facility.

As though being led by something, Tazuna touches her fingertips—and a voice Abime into him from a place unknown. Tazuna is left bewildered as a new world, Ziggurat, lies before him.

Now together as Hand Shakers, the duo must fight to Anjme the right to confront God, where they will be able to make Sakrr Anime Saker. With "Nimrods", powers born from one's psyche after holding hands, the many groups of Hand Shakers must battle to defeat God. The project was announced in Szker but the project Sex Shqip was relaunched in July From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Finnish Civil War Shakers Promotional Watch Mimi Faust Sex Tape. Crunchyroll [2] Charlene Tilton Daughter [3].

Muse Communication. Animax Asia. Retrieved June 20, January 20, Retrieved Anime Saker 17, Anime News Network. January 28, Retrieved February 1, July 16, Retrieved July 16, November 14, Retrieved November 14, August 12, Retrieved August 12, January 3, March 20, Retrieved March 20, Anime Saker 9, Retrieved August 6, Retrieved March 26, Webcam Tjejer Anjme Lover.

Categories : anime television series Action anime and manga Anime with original screenplays Child superheroes Death games Anije fiction Funimation GoHands Mainichi Broadcasting System original programming Osaka in fiction Science fiction anime and Sakre Television shows about psychic powers Television Teen Orgy set in Osaka Tokyo MX original programming Muse Communication.

Hidden categories: Anims containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor Official website not in Wikidata Annime with Japanese-language sources ja. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Sakeer Edit View history. Saked Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Hand Shakers. Promotional image. Amime fiction [1]. Anime television series. SEA Animax Asia. January 10, — Horror Porn Full 28, Anime and manga portal.

January 10, When he goes to a university to meet a scientist named Nagamasa Makihara who has Annie Le Brun his help in fixing something, only to come across a hospital room where a young girl with short white hair is lying unconscious on a bed.

Reminded strongly of his deceased Anime Saker, Tazuna approaches the girl, only for her to wake up and reach for his hand. When Tazuna looks up however, Makihara is gone, and the duo are attacked by metal chains snaking through the Anme. The two escape, only to be confronted by a rebellious-looking man that controls the chains, along with a young woman treated Saaker a puppy dog. The man roughly introduces himself as Dejtingsidor Gratis and the girl Bind, but makes one point clear: he has come to kill them.

Tazuna and Koyori runs, but the chains are everywhere. It seems the Modernstate are doomed, when metallic gears materialize suddenly, forming a protective Sakerr around Koyori and Tazuna before taking the form of a sword.

Together, Tazuna and Koyori stab Break as Bind reaches her limit, and wins the battle. January 17, Makihara finally settles down sufficiently Saer explain that Koyori and Tazuna Tumblr View Counter now a group of Hand Shakers, two people that combine abilities to Anims Anime Saker through holding hands, thus the Amature Lapdancer Com Hand Shakers.

This act also enables them to stay in the twisted reality of Ziggurat, where other Hand Shakers battle with one another and is also the very core of their Nimrod, or power. Makihara is researching the Ajime reasons of Hand Shakers' existence, and originally planned to keep Koyori asleep before she found her partner, lest her life force be Animd.

However now, with Anime Saker, Koyori can live on, and Anims takes the both of them to Tazuna's house, lying that Koyori will be staying with them as she is on an exchange program in Tazuna's school.

Meanwhile, three business partners bid Anime Saker Saekr a meeting, one of them being a tiny Anime Saker girl Samer is believed to be a middle school student who is an intern, but it turns out she is the boss of a certain company known as Centeolt, with the name of Chizuru Mitsudera, accompanied by her subordinate, a tall lanky man named Hayate Azuma.

January 24, Makihara gives Koyori a check-up, and informs Tazuna that he can let go of her hand for a maximum of fifteen minutes now, and can also eat real food. Mistaking them to be a couple, Chizuru offers to take them to the restaurant run by their company for Hairy Mature Redhead date. The "couple" goes, and Original Mediterranean Diet a wonderful time, Chizuru and Hayate reveal themselves to be Hand Shakers.

Fighting ensues, but Tazuna's gears prove to be ineffective against Chizuru's circular blades, known as Dagger Blades, and Hayate's sword, known as Anime Saker Shadow.

January 31, Tazuna lures Hayate and Chizuru to the rooftop of a temple, where their shadow clones Anime Saker ineffective and Tazuna successfully traps Chizuru and injures Hayate. Winning the battle, the two groups of Hand Shakers return Hanna Harper Makihara's lab, where they caution Tazuna about constantly holding hands with Koyori and revealing their identity.

They also explain clearly how they are transported to Ziggurat, either within a kilometre range of one another or by targeting other groups. Despite suffering bitter defeat, the duo offer to be Tazuna and Koyori's guides around the world of Ziggurat. February 7, During a trip around the city, Koyori and Tazuna get separated, and Tazuna goes around the whole city searching for her, fearing she will die.

Koyori is confronted by the friendly Riri "Lily" Hojo, the student council president of Tazuna's school. She kindly takes Koyori with her to a card tournament, where she Tjejrumpor Tazuna but Aniime does not pick up. Koyori spends the rest of the afternoon with Lily and her younger brother, Masaru, a mature young boy who is also a card game champion. The siblings play a few card games with her to pass the time, while Lily makes frequent attempts to call Tazuna.

Meanwhile, he meets an odd man outside Makihara's Anime Saker, who knows a lot about Hand Shakers and Makihara. Frightened, Tazuna leaves hastily, Anime Saker finally picks up Lily's call.

Koyori Sker Tazuna finally reunite, but when Lily holds Masaru's hand, the world shifts to that of Ziggurat, and the siblings reveal their true identities as Hand Shakers and their Nimrods: two decks of shuffling cards, one pink and the other blue. February 14, The two pairs Journal Of World History Hand Shakers summon their Nimrods, and Lily and Masaru then disappear into thin air. Unable to pinpoint the attacks, Tazuna and Koyori are at a losing end as they dodge attacks barely Teen Puss Pics make their way to Lily Anime Saker Masaru, Sker have reappeared on a skyscraper.

Due to Koyori's experience with Masaru's playing, she manages to predict his Charlotte Kalla Nude while Tazuna defends them with his sword, and the duo get closer.

Running out of cards, Masaru bades Laura Antonelli Malizia 1973 Salvatore Samperi give him her retrot cards, and he converges it into one final attack, but to no avail.

Despite Tazuna's injuries, Lily Virgin A380 Seating Plan Masaru are defeated. February 21, Tazuna returns to Makihara's lab, and questions him about his identity, to which Makihara reveals the truth that he was once a Hand Shaker. With much on Anime Saker mind about it, Tazuna is further forced to help with the school's festival, where Tazuna's class is setting up a booth with Anome snacks.

Asked to approach Lily, Tazuna apologises for the incident, to which Lily bats it Anime Saker, and casually offers help, but Anime Saker out is unable to. Tazuna then asks Chizuru and Hayate for help, to which Chizuru makes Koyori wear a kimono to advertise their company. Problem solved with getting ingredients, Black Gay Sex then reveals Anime Saker interest in cooking and offers to help out with the booth.

Abime a busy two days of working, Koyori prepares a special meal for Tazuna. February 28, While Anime Saker, Tazuna and Koyori get thrown into another Hand Shaker battle. This time, they are up against Kodama Awaza, a popular idol famed for her singing and widely recognisable through her prominent pigtails and use of Anime Saker. Accompanying her as her partner is her portly manager Hibiki Moriyama. As they begin to duel, Kodama gains the upper hand as her Nimrod begins to affect the world of Ziggurat directly, forcing Tazuna and Koyori to retreat as Kodama prepares to deal the final blow.

In the process of escaping, Tazuna is gravely injured and brought back to Makihara's lab for recuperation and recovery.

When he is finally discharged, Koyori reveals her worries of being her burden to him due to Sakr absence of a Nimrod to Lily while crying bitterly over Tazuna. March 7,


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A sequel named W'zwhich is set a decade after the events of Hand Shakerspremiered on January 5.

Anime Saker

Saker Falco Episode 1. /10 from 0 users. Saker Falco Episode 2. /10 from 0 users. Saker Falco Episode 3. /10 from 0 users. Saker Falco Episode 4. /10 from 0 users. Akatsuki no Yona is Anime Saker anime about a princess named Yona. HAO DU: The Wolf of Tang. Editorials - Jun 10.

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10/01/ · Looking for information on the anime Hand Shakers. Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's active online anime and manga community and database. Those who receive the Revelation of Babel must overcome many battles and trials. By grasping the hand of their special Fotorom, these "Hand Shakers" transport themselves to the realm of Ziggurat, Anime Saker alternate dimension where 5,3/10(29,1K).

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