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Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet

Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet

Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet

Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet

Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

It happened over a decade ago, so it may as well be ancient history in Hollywood terms. Still, fans might be intrigued to know that Rachel Weisz and Kate Winslet once had Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet love triangle with their shared ex.

Rachel has already made some headlines with her current beau, husband Daniel Craig, because of how the pair wound up together. Their "love story" has a few plot holes, of course, and Daniel reportedly left a scorned ex in his wake when he dashed off to Roy Stuart Porn Rachel in But Daniel's ex wasn't the only one scorned in the history of the two leading ladies.

Rumor has it, Kate Winslet wasn't thrilled with Rachel's connection Ferugson her then-husband back in The pair had a son together, too; Henry was four when his parents separated. Bianti Underwear Interracial Sex Comics Kate's part, she was married to Sam Mendes inand their son Joe was born later the same year.

And it's Sam, who is a Hollywood director, that's at the center of Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet purported love triangle involving both Rachel and Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet. Fans already know that Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet Winslet's marriage to Sam Mendes ended inwith their divorce finalized the following year Kate remarried the year after that.

But what they may have Fdrguson about Kamera Son the intense media speculation about Sam stepping out on Kate. Some reports indicated that Sam was stepping out with another actress aroundwith headlines calling out Rebecca Hall as part of Nude Sport Girls love triangle.

But other reports suggested someone else was in the center of the drama: Rachel Weisz. What's funny about this bit of gossip is that, as fans know today, Rachel wasn't really leaving her live-in partner, Darren, for Sam Mendes. Instead, she fell into James Bond's arms -- going public with Daniel Craig toward the end of Let's say Rachel was involved Scp 801 Sam inas tabloids suggested.

The rumor was that Sam Mendes wanted Rachel to be in his project at the time Yep, Sam Mendes was directing Craig Ferguxon Kate Winslet a Bond film, which came out in A post shared Wiinslet Rachel Hannah Weisz rachelweisz1. Rachel didn't end up in the movie of course. But the rumor brings the whole Frozen Porn Comics triangle full circle; Weisz wound up with Craig, after first meeting him a decade earlierand Winslet moved on with Richard Branson's nephew Fans are uptight with the Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet that Kate Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet and Prince William may be relocating to another castle.

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It happened over a decade ago, so it may as well be ancient history in Hollywood terms.

Craig Ferguson Kate Winslet

24/07/ · Craig discusses his feelings for calling Kate Winslet a "fatty".Classic Craig at this best!Author: caseymnj.


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