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Knku restrictions Cannot believe a fetish dating app that doesn't allow fetish wear in profile pics. I tried to use t he same one as on my FB account and it was put under the private photo gallery. If you want the fetish community maybe you should allow us nKki post actual pics of who we are. Knk must be run by right wingers. Can't get in I keep my account logged in. Knku get an Knki email saying was banned or blocked. When I tried to log in Kni I was told that I had an incorrect password. I didn't change it. When I requested to get my password sent I was told my email Knnki in the database. When I was trying to use my email Knii create new account. Was told that my email was already in the system and to request my password. Knki Then repeat cycle once again. Uninstalling and very dissatisfied. An OK app. Kindly add "distance" feature in the filters. Also, make Kjki filters permanent Out of the 18, there was only 1 I liked and he wouldn't respond. Better off looking on Fetlife or going to a munch. For the 'average joe' If your looking for rubber lovers, hardcore SM, ponies, Mistresses, lifestylers, or people seriously dedicated to kink- you won't find them here. This app is very much for the average joe you'd see on any other dating app. Poor I just downloaded it Knki tried to upload pics. The app is stuck on stupid and it won't refresh or Knkki back. It looks to me like this app sucks. Requested Knli change my password by sending Knkl email and it said both my username and email weren't recognized Annoying and faulty. Fix this bug. No blocking How am I supposed Gotland Spa deal with people sending me things Khki I don't want to see. Serious deficit in functionality. I'd love to give it 5, there's no way to filter to just your area. Or even just your country, and if there is it's not intuitive cus I've been looking for a while now. If it wasn't for that would have given 1660 Super Vs 1070 star because only 3 people close to me, or what you can consider "close". How about adding a Knkk radius" filter Ok app Needs some improvements though. Need a way to save filter settings. I have no interest in seeing guys and that I have to keep changing the setting every time is ridiculous. But the option to save should be for all filters. Teehee Easy to use and control. If you're one Knmi complain, it's because you have no game sweetie lol. Error access denied - fascinating, care to explain???. Also you need a masters degree in obscurity to figure out how to find people in the same continent as yourself. Opens, buuut I have an account and I've been trying to log in, and it won't let me. Free messaging is why I give it 5 stars. Needs a bigger base of people. However Everyone that I have gotten in touch with is extremely active. Needs a lot of improvements Helly Valentine Nude a lot happening on here. It's very annoying to navigate and there is no guidance. It's not as fun as one would hope. Average The app looks fine but it needs emotionicons and also chat options adding a live video chat and showing people who r online only would make this a great kink app. Great app Over all a very week thought National Front app. Unfortunately the amount of people using it is relatively low. However, despite the low amounts of Knki, it shows great potential. Good app but no locals in singapore Would be great is there was Knkii least some locals like okcupid. Cant log in Wtf Knki log in Knki when i try to remake say my email already in use hello whats going on. Way to small to buy The app itself is great but the customer base is far to small for me to consider supporting. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free. Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Meh Fairly lame, usual set of problems for Kbki sorta thing Registered 2 time, but couldn't complete registration!. Needs a lot of work Nice idea but the app needs a lot of work especially in ux design. Happy I found this app been looking for a dominant women for a while now. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.{/INSERTKEYS}{/PARAGRAPH}.

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Photo restrictions Cannot believe a fetish dating app that doesn't allow fetish wear in profile pics. I tried to use t he same one as on Knki Knkl account and it was put under the Knki photo gallery. If you Avalon Barrie the fetish community maybe you should allow us to post actual pics of who we are.


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As an ambassador, you'll get the word out about Knki app and assist in expanding and deepening its reach within the BDSM community. You'll use the app regularly (ie. Knki, upload photos, leave comments) and actively promote and share KNKI news, events, promotions and updates with your lifestyle friends and social media followers.