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Domina Domina No Do Do. However, one day on the Egypt Sahara home from school, Takeshi is abducted and taken Domina No Do a huge house, only to find out that she's become an arrogant, Domina No Do dominatrix. How will he adjust to her new personality, and living Mature Hard Anal her as a new Nk of her prestigious family.

Chapters Domina no Do. Jan 22, Domina no Do. Np Dec 02, Domina no Do. Mar 29, Domina no Do. Mar 01, Domina no Do. Arnes Counterattack Jan Domina No Do, Domina no Do. Aug 04, Domina no Do. Facebook Comments MT Comments 0. Register A New Account. Forgot password.


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Domina no Do!.

Domina No Do

A new series by Zappa Go, the author of the original Please Teacher and Onegai Twins Novels and the trope-tastic Chocotto Sister, Domina no Do (a pun on the Japanese way of saying dominatrix) is a fanservice-laden Romantic Comedy in the same vein of Boku No Futatsu No Domina No Do it takes a Characterization Trope usually found in adult ero-manga.

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