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Eritrea Demographics

Eritrea Demographics

Eritrea Population Forecast

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Demographic profile: Eritrea is Eritrea Demographics persistently poor country that has made progress in some socioeconomic categories but not in others. Education and human capital formation are national priorities for facilitating economic development and eradicating poverty. To this end, Eritrea has made great strides in improving adult literacy — doubling the literacy rate over Demogtaphics last 20 years — in large part because of its successful adult education programs.

Eritrea Demographics

Eritrea Demographics Eritrea is Eritrea Demographics ethnically heterogeneous country with nine recognized ethnic groups. The Tigrinya people make up 55% of the population, followed by the Tigre people at 30%.

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Eritrean society is ethnically Eritrea Demographics. An independent census has yet to be conducted, but the Tigrinya people make up about 55% and Tigre people make up about 30% of the form the bulk of the country's predominantly Semitic-speaking population.