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As she puts is, "power operates for Foucault in the constitution of the Subjectivisation materiality of the Subjectivisation, in the principle which simultaneously forms Subjectivisation regulates the 'subject' of subjectivation "Awesome tool.

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As she puts is, "power operates for Foucault in the constitution of the very materiality of the subject, in the principle which simultaneously forms and regulates the 'subject' of subjectivation "Awesome tool!. Subjectivisation


(also subjectivisation) The action Sugjectivisation process of subjectivizing something; an instance of this. Origin. Subjectivisation 19th century. From subjectivize + -ation. Word of the day. barney / Subjectivisation / noun. See definitions & examples. It's here. Lexico's first Word of the Year!.

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What does subjectivization mean. The act or process of subjectivizing; the Subjectivisation of change by which words develop a subjective in place of or alongside.